Spotter Range Finder iPhone App

I ran into a situation that I wanted to check and see what the approximate distance was for something.

Well, I didn’t have a range finder, so I figured, check the App store and see what they have.

Most of the items that were in the app store (for free, cause I don’t like paying) were golfing range finding apps.  Then I came across the Spotter Range Finder by Skitchworks.

It was the absolute perfect price…Free.

I downloaded it and found it to be quite easy to use.

When you first open it up, you are presented with the ‘how to’ screen:

After clicking on Launch, you’re taken right into the app:

As you can see, the target height is listed in the upper left and the distance is in the upper right.

You’ve got a zoom slider on the very bottom and right above that is where you adjust the two brackets to fit the object you’re using as a reference.

In order to change the target height, you’ll need to click on the little pencil icon in the upper portion of the screen in the middle:

You can either enter the target height manually (if you know how tall someone is, or how tall a bridge is, etc) or you can select one of the pre-defined objects.

The sizes of the objects listed are:

  • Residential Door  :  7 Ft
  • Garage Door  :  8 Ft
  • Stop Sign  :  9 Ft 5 In
  • Traffic Light  :  28 Ft 5 In (I’m assuming this is standard but I don’t know for sure)
  • Telephone Pole  :  60 Ft (again, I’m assuming this is standard)
  • Golf Flag  :  9 Ft
  • Mailbox  :  3 Ft 9 In
  • Fire Hydrant  :  2 Ft 2 In
  • Passenger Car  :  5 Ft (this is going to really vary depending on type of car)
  • Truck/SUV  :  6 Ft 6 In (again, this is going to really vary depending on type of truck)

Those are fairly close in size as far as I’m aware, but things don’t really need to be exact.  If they do, I suggest picking up a standard laser range finder for better accuracy.

Anyhow, I originally chose the residential door.  Sighted it in, adjusted the size and boom.  Came up with the range in foot an inches.  Pretty close.

I took the device out to the front of my garage and decided to try it again.  Sighted in the neighbors mailbox and again it gave me immediately the range.

Knowing the length of the driveway as well as the approximate size of the road in front of our place, this is pretty darn close to the actual distance.

It’s not 100% accurate, but it’ll do in a pinch.  Again, if you need precise measurements, you’d better go pick up one of the laser rangefinders out there.  But if you are just golfing, hiking, camping, etc, this thing will work perfect for you.

The Spotter Range Finder by Skitchworks:

Introducing the Spotter Range Finder, now available in the app store.

Spotter Range Finder uses your iPhone’s camera and the known height of a remote object to calculate the approximate distance to that object.

You can manually input the height of the object from the selection screen, or choose the height from a library of common objects.