Wald Training Wheels for 16-20″ bikes

Up for review today is the Wald training wheels for 16-20″ bicycles.

We recently purchased a 16″ bike for our 5 year old son and needed training wheels for it.  I stopped by Pedal Pusher Bike Shop on Walnut Street in Harrisburg the other day and spoke to a gentleman about a few things for my bike.

I’m glad I did because he stopped me from making a mistake and sinking way too much money into a bike that wouldn’t be able to handle it.  Very helpful and even though I wasn’t originally going to make a purchase, it didn’t seem to bother him that all I was after was information.  I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I will be doing business with them in the future.

While there I brought up the subject of training wheels and he said that he has a great set that was made in the USA and would fit the bike we got our son.

What he brought out was a set of Wald Training Wheels.  What I was expecting was something small, light and flimsy.  What I got was something that looks like you could use to do demolition with.  Now, when I say this, I don’t mean that it was ugly, I mean that it was STURDY.  And I do mean STURDY with all capital letters.

I haven’t heard of Wald before, but I’m sure aware of them now.

From their website:

Welcome to Wald, the cyclist’s source for quality bicycle baskets, training wheels, racks, and bicycle accessories.

We believe in the power of the bicycle. Our first patent in 1905 was for an innovative tire repair tool that kept cyclists on the road. Over 200 patents later, we’re still helping bicycle commuters, recreational riders, delivery workers, and alley cats get the most from their bikes.

The joy two wheels can bring may be unique for each individual, but those two wheels allow people from separate backgrounds, neighborhoods, and communities to find common ground. Without our bikes, in many cases, we simply wouldn’t have anything to talk about.

Wald strives to produce useful and reliable baskets, fenders, racks, training wheels, and many more accessories to help your bicycle serve your needs. So no matter what your bike is used for, we hope you’ll find our site useful and keep your two wheels spinning for many years to come.

Welcome to WaldSports.com. What will you put in your basket?

They carry baskets, training wheels, fenders, racks and accessories and it looks like I’m going to be picking up a few things for my bike, my wife’s bike as well as my son’s.  Their products are VERY reasonable and if the rest of their products are built as solidly as their training wheels, they’ll last a lifetime.

The set that I got for my son was the Wald 10252/252.  They’ll fit bikes from 16-20″ with a rear frame of 1 1/4″ or smaller.  They will be good for people 100 pounds or lighter.

Like I said earlier, they are sturdy.  They’re almost a 1/4″ thick and solid.  They’ve got stabilizer bars that attach from the rear axel to the rear frame and are extremely simple to install.  I put them on my sons bike in less than 15 minutes and he was off and pedaling and enjoying his new bike.

If you’re looking for a set of training wheels for your child’s bike or a bike shop in the Harrisburg area I highly suggest both Wald Training Wheels and Pedal Pusher bike shop.

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  1. I still remember the day my parents took the training wheels off my bike — it was 47 years ago! On a sad note, the training wheels came off on the same day I got my first stitches (yeah, the two items are related).

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