Meet your reviewers


Norm is a computer security professional with over 15 years in the computer industry.  He has travelled to at least half of the states in the US and has experienced many of the things that life has to offer.  He is an avid camper and backpacker and enjoys hiking, climbing, and all forms of outdoor activities.

He is an avid firearms enthusiast and general gear nut.  He collects all forms of firearms, knives, bags, packs and technology and uses most of them to their fullest potential.  Norm loves both pen and paper games (D&D, Twilight 2000, etc) as well as video games such as the XBox 360, Play Station 2, Wii and PSP.

He currently works as an Information Security Engineer for a world wide contracting firm and writes as an Information Security correspondent and manages and tweaks Bet I Can Dot It as well as as his own personal website, The Normanomicon.

Norm’s currently on a personal enrichment experience to help him get down to a good fighting weight of around 240 pounds to maintain his health and general well being.

When he’s not busy with work or his personal site, he can be found working in the yard, his garden, the gym, working on the house or spending time with his family.


Profile, picture and information coming soon.


Chris has many interests and hobbies and has been there and done that for a whole lot of things. He started out owning his own small business at 16 years old butchering deer. He grew up in the hills of southwestern Pennsylvania at the base of the Appalachian Mountains with a small farmette and raised rabbits and chickens to feed the family. He also spent the winters running a trap line and the summers running the Youghiogheny River white water rafting and kayaking.

He served in the US Army for four years as an Airborne Infantryman and has been around the globe on Uncle Sam’s dime.

After an honorable discharge he spent 7 years doing work with the printing industry and the wanderlust kicked in again and he decided to become a nurse.  After graduation he worked in a county prison for three years then as a pediatric nurse for premature infants.  Finally, after another bout of wanderlust, he decided to take the plunge and became a police officer in Central Pennsylvania.

He has an extensive set of hobbies and lives life by the mantra of not leaving one stone unturned. He has spent many years skydiving and was able to obtain two classes of license in this sport. He is a competitive bodybuilder and power lifter for a number of years. Through all of this, the two main passions in his life have been archery hunting and turkey hunting.

He is a father and husband and the kids keep him as busy as anyone can imagine including an autistic daughter.  Their favorite family vacation is camping in West Virginia.


Scott is a family man, tool guy, outdoorsman and all around easy going joe.

He loves kayaking, fiddling around with any and all types of tools and projects and does enjoy movies and the occasional video game.  His true love is being able to take care of things and do things on his own, even with proliferative retinopathy.

Scott has worked as a millwright, heavy construction, welding, plumbing, electrical work, deck building and has even worked in a mine.  His unique experiences have given him a well rounded hands on education that can’t be beat.  He loves the outdoors and camping, backpacking, kayaking and any type of activity that get’s him outdoors.  One of his latest projects is a DIY home forge in order to help him create pieces for some of his side projects.

0 thoughts on “Meet your reviewers

  1. Ok this is a great concept on gear and everything a guy dreams about!!!

    I am always looking for gear especially related to my job (police officer) and seem to spend money on things that are supposed to be the latest and greatest. After purchasing these great items I am usually sorely disappointed.

    A friend of mine turned me on to this site.

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