Products Reviewed

This page will detail the products that we have reviewed, our simple up or down opinion and the manufacturers site.

Leather Folio

  • Black Leather Folio
  • $6.69 + Shipping
  • It’s cheap and it’ll hold up for a while, but I’d say use it as a temporary solution till you find the permanent one you want.
  • Rating:  **

Hazard4 Launch Pad

  • Launch Pad – Tactical iPad sleeve – Black
  • $39.99 + Shipping
  • Well worth the price.  Keeps the iPad safe and snug with plenty of attachment area.  Easy to slip in and out and once in, it stays in till your ready for it.
  • Rating:  *****

Shark Pack Great White

Clear SPOT 4G Hotspot

Magnus Broadhead

Princeton Tec MPLS

Skitchworks Spotter Range Finder App

  • Skitchworks
  • Free
  • Definitely worth it for an app.  It does exactly what it says and is simplistic in use.  Wouldn’t rely on it for precise measurements, but good in a pinch.
  • Rating:  ****

CODi Direct Capacitive Ball Point Pen

Kindle Fire

  • Kindle Fire
  • $199.99 + Free Shipping
  • It’s not an iPad but it’s not meant to be.  Excellent e-reader with much more capabilities.  Excellent price point and great for kids.
  • Rating:  ****

M-Edge Latitude Jacket


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